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  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick

    Atleast my setup has a warranty on all parts

  • Ellipsis115

    Based linus things: 14:00 14:17

  • GeneralMills66

    Alex reminds me of Jamie Hyneman from mythbusters. He just needs a bigger mustache.

  • Roky RPD
    Roky RPD

    AMD can sh!t on nVidia if it makes Hardware AV1 Encoder avaible on theyr 6k series

  • Dep

    LTT Takes The L

  • ShaggNasty

    I won't get rid of mine specifically for this reason. Playing n64 on a new TV kinda sucks

  • Erji K.
    Erji K.

    what's that steam deck setup game ?

  • Cerberus Shepard
    Cerberus Shepard

    when will they roast LTT staff setups again?? and is Linus's rig going to be involved??

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    I was looking at the model cars and seeing the rs200 on there. Someone has some good taste!

  • Dave

    we need a updated version.

  • Stevan Djumic
    Stevan Djumic

    High sensitivity gaming means you are next level.

  • Neel Bhattacharya
    Neel Bhattacharya

    ayooo did the title change it seems to me it was a different tile yesterday night ?

  • Kyo / Kazuto
    Kyo / Kazuto

    1:42 did Alex mean the switches? In that case no, that isn't more common in Europe, just depends on what you buy. The most common ones just have 1 button for everything.

  • Isaac Young
    Isaac Young

    I like my p500a dRGB.. comes with much better rgb.. and more fans.. makes it worth the extra cost i think.

  • Nicrom3

    I have Still a Ryzen 7 1700X in my daily driver...

  • Kieran Crockett
    Kieran Crockett

    If you're watching this video and see this comment, Please don't buy a 6500XT lol...As of right now in the UK, the 6500XT is like £150 which I know many people are looking at it with the thought in mind that "This one could be an option" No it's not.... Please don't lol. Literally for less than £100 you can buy an RTX card, literally any of the RTX cards FAR out perform this GPU, it's just not worth the cost...

  • costafilh0

    This needs another try now that Steam Deck is out and with participation of Anthony! So we can compare, a Linux noob with a tech god! lol

  • Mysterious Hashir Easa
    Mysterious Hashir Easa

    "Could Linus just find someone, who's not a bastard, to give an upgrade to?"

  • Ed Hrafnskald Conway
    Ed Hrafnskald Conway

    3:57 Thunder...thunder...THUNDERCATS!!! Oh, wait, Canadians, probably won't get it, but still. :)

  • Andrew Cole
    Andrew Cole

    My friends and I still quote the commandos from Command and Conquer lol. Last night I said to myself "that was left handed" when finishing something, due to being on restrictions for my right arm currently

  • James Cole
    James Cole

    What??? No Minesweeper? The slower clock speed allowed for epic sub 60 second Expert times!

  • justathought

    And none of these roasted systems have their CPU locked to the motherboard, unlike.... our sponsor! Lenovo!

  • Ian Colmorgan
    Ian Colmorgan

    As a rep from the zoomers. Beds are freaking expensive

  • fapitbullet

    Dude, I feel old....

  • enzo bournazel
    enzo bournazel

    I don't know why but this night i dream of your screw driver XD

  • Ed Hrafnskald Conway
    Ed Hrafnskald Conway

    0:36 "with up to 32 gigs" WOW! Your laptop has as much memory as my computer. That's so awesome, congratulations! :)

  • Attila Varga
    Attila Varga

    I'd still prefer an iPhone. And yes, you CAN shove it up there if you're persistent enough.

  • Greenbeef

    20:22 The game on that steam deck is Space Haven by BugByte Ltd. It's kinda like RimWorld in space and is in active development.

    • Hrochnick

      And is awesome!

  • XeroCreator

    I need to send my new setup when I get the 3rd 27in monitor. Currently it's 27"-2160p(4k), 32"-1440p,27"-1080p. I want to get a 27 4k 144hz monitor and replace the 1080 at some point. But atm, cable management is... well, it's bad. Once I get at least some form of managed cables, at least on a cable shelf, I'll send mine over and you can probably spend half the video roasting it xD.

  • Nick

    I swear jake looks at least 35