Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC
Linus Tech Tips
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Building a wallet friendly Amd Ryzen 3100 based gaming rig to get you or someone you know started gaming.
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  • applepotomas

    i miss the days when a 500$ pc with a graphics card was possible

  • Imran Pritho
    Imran Pritho

    I must say, with roughly $60 in my wallet, watching a $500 build looks extremely daring.

  • Mr.Charmeleon

    Gotta love how 1 year makes a 500 dollar build turn into 500 dollars for just the GPU.... :,(

  • Alexander Ballance
    Alexander Ballance

    “Building a $500 AMD gaming pc”

  • joey

    Linus: It will be somewhere in a $500-$600 dollar build

  • Mocha Frapp
    Mocha Frapp

    Linus should make another video like this and see how good can he make a 500$ dollar pc today😂

  • Judge Mental515
    Judge Mental515

    Finally got my new screw driver now just saving for the components

  • Rahat Suphamitmongkol
    Rahat Suphamitmongkol

    7 years ago you are the one that taught me how to build a PC. 7 years have passed, My passion on tech is still on. Thank you Linus !

  • WILD7

    This is literally the most realistic build I've seen him do this is a entry build that makes sense.

  • Ahmed Joe
    Ahmed Joe

    Thank you for making a follow up video on this. The original Theranos video you made was what hooked me to your channel.

  • TheToyShop

    The good old days where pc’s were a great price 🥺


    "I wanted to build, but they put me in sales, because I lacked experience"

  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez

    "I wanna build computers but I don't need more computers, what a struggle"

  • AlbertRazer

    why do i like enjoy budget build videos more than the amazing looking super expensive ones. i feel like these hit home to more people. something we could actually afford

  • Gareth Akers
    Gareth Akers

    Used this case for a recent build and it’s great. Agree that the SSD set up is weird but easy enough to get round that by putting the SSD into the hhd cage if you only have one hhd installed. 👍🏽

  • Ben B Artist
    Ben B Artist

    I recently (as in spring 2021) got a prebuild for £550 with the same graphics card you used here. It does a decent job for the price, I'm only just getting into PC gaming, so this felt like a good start. It chugs a bit when playing bigger games like GTA 5 and using the browser and when it's been going for a while, but I expect some performance issues when the price is lower - you get what you pay for. Still, it's great for my artwork, waaaay better than the laptop I was using before.

  • That One
    That One

    Another fantastic video but just a note to anyone wanting to try building this PC as of today 16th April 2021. You’re going to be spending about 6-700 rather than the about 500 that Linus talked about. I guess with time the prices changed a bit but still really good quality if you ask me. Fantastic video and would recommend it to anyone who wants a decent PC for games.

  • h3stia

    I like how, a year later, the GPU breaks the budget alone.

  • JordanJams

    "I'm not going to take an hour to build this"

  • Cam G
    Cam G

    I have a very similar build. i5 9600f with the 1650 super. Great value at the time I built it. Runs everything at medium setting around 100 FPS (plus or minus some for easy or hard games). Added more ram and made the experience every better with 32 gbs. No complains especially seeing the prices of current of “super computers”.