I bet your Xbox doesn't look like this!
Linus Tech Tips
This is an Xbox Development Kit- the kind game studios are sent BEFORE a console launches so that they can design the next generation of games. And ya, there's some pretty big differences between this and the Series X that you're used to. Check out our full video coming soon!
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  • Shivam Shrirao
    Shivam Shrirao

    Ours isn't banned, *yet.

  • MrBaggieBug

    engineers at Microsoft:

  • Gadget Addict
    Gadget Addict

    Double the RAM and additional GPU cores

  • Chris Carmona
    Chris Carmona

    That's a pretty long way to say "F U, Steve." 🤣

  • Kevin

    Gamers gonna rob Linus' studio now

  • Queste Usher
    Queste Usher

    does this count as bullying Steve 🤔

  • Furore

    Xbox immediately they see this video, “ban him right now”

  • Nathan Stautzenberger
    Nathan Stautzenberger

    "ours isn't banned"

  • Novarden

    My dad owns Microsoft, you guys are so screwed once he gets home and I tell him 😈

  • Beeg Yoshi
    Beeg Yoshi

    Damn, how much did they pay for an unbanned one?

  • Don't Matter
    Don't Matter

    Steve from GN wants to know your location

  • This is Tech Today
    This is Tech Today

    Here we go again. Linus starting beef with another creator. Too many hot takes 🤣🤣🙃

  • Milk

    I knew it was a development kit! I absolutely love development kits, they're always super interesting.

  • Boberg der Stecher
    Boberg der Stecher

    And now, back to you Steve

  • David Yang
    David Yang

    The ultimate flex on gamer nexus.

  • Brightkbk

    "Ours isn't banned"

  • rollersky

    Microsoft developers- "uhh quickly do something!"

  • Raptorking_

    Having just seen the gamers Nexus video, I was just thinking "oh great, another video about nothing". And then he said that

  • Tycho van (ALPHARavenGamer)
    Tycho van (ALPHARavenGamer)

    Yo Im on game dev school and we get told a lot about them. But I had never seen one cuz theyre not allowed to show them

  • Diwakar Mishra
    Diwakar Mishra

    This really looks like a cool development kit that's not been banned!