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  • TheXGamer

    It’s so nice to see Yvonne’s husband and his husband working together.

    • Grant Kendrick
      Grant Kendrick

      Yooooo. GOLD!!!

    • F.B.We.

      >his >husband

    • Alan Green
      Alan Green

      This comment has really started some interesting "conversation" and some pretty good jokes at Linus' expense, which, of course, WE ALL LOVE!

    • Alan Green
      Alan Green

      @Hyperus Ya have to follow the whole thread and be familiar with Linus and his sense of humor and his relationships with his employees. Most of the people commenting are regular followers of the channel and understand the context and therefore the joke. By the way, it wasn't my joke, it was started by someone else up at the top of the thread and then being perpetuated by others "piling on"... :)

    • Alan Green
      Alan Green

      @Michel Janssens Yes, but not quite yet... :)

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S

    A few things I've learned from running VMs on AMD Zen... 1. Pin the virtual CPUs to physical cores. Pin QEMU's IOThreads and emulator thread to a certain CCX as well. That one should be obvious. 2. Never, under any circumstances, let a VM use cores from different CCXes. They'll just fall over and die with random latency spikes because of InfinityFabric. 3. Don't assign hyperthreads to VMs. Windows can't deal with it. Performance dies if you do that. 4. Apply the "performance" CPUFreq governor on the host system. 5. Configure the VM's threads to use the realtime (FIFO) scheduler. (Only do this when the threads are already pinned.) 6. Expose the host CPU model (host-passthrough) and its various CPUID features that are normally masked (especially hardware vulnerability mitigation flags such as mds-no). 7. Important emulated CPU features: invtsc (invariant timestamp counter; games will hate you due to timer jitter / latency if you don't enable it), pdpe1gb (huge pages), mds-no ("no meltdown vuln" flag), and other vulnerability-related flags (check the QEMU docs for which ones you need) 8. Expose native TSC for fast RDTSC (games love that instruction), disable HPET 9. Use the virtio-scsi controller for attaching disks (needs special Windows drivers); the default SATA one is insanely slow. And while you're at it, set discard=unmap for all disks so TRIM works and Windows automatically shrinks the VM image when you delete files from the VM's filesystem. Note that virtio-scsi currently has a bug that makes it peg a CPU core at 100% but a patch is already on the mailing list. (The bug is present since QEMU 7.0; it doesn't impact functionality.) Alternatively, pass through NVMe devices on the PCIe level. 10. Replicate the GPU's function-level PCIe device numbering inside of the VM (multifunction device) 11. Use the virtio ethernet device (needs drivers) 12. If you want Windows 11, use swtpm to get Secure Boot; no "No TPM Win11" patch needed 13. memballoon model=none

    • J

      I wish I saw this comment before I gave up running VM on unraid for living room VR setup and just build a full computer. Good thing I had a pretty much full system collecting dust >.>

    • 3polygons

      @Miguel Mayol It could be a great candidate to put on the LTT forums as a sticky post, part of an FAQ, or something

    • Professor Smoke
      Professor Smoke

      No joke, before I even read the comments I had copy pasted this into a text doc just in case I ever need it.

    • ApplicableRobot

      @Andrea Motta thanks, I'll have to go spend a day reading that. Moved over to manjaro last year, but am still not completely accustomed to going to the arch wiki first

    • Agent Smith
      Agent Smith

      I know some of those acronyms.

  • Sven Klein Plarre
    Sven Klein Plarre

    "We can give the kids 16 and use the rest for something else" These 5 year olds have more computing power than what I ever had.

    • SM_Stormzy

      @Phileas Frogg they weren't really complaining...

    • Pyro Potassium
      Pyro Potassium

      They're Mensans lmao

    • Dante Vito
      Dante Vito

      7:12 "for the kids, we got RTX3060s" And i'm still using a 1050 (not even ti), ryzen 3 3200G, 8GB ram, and 1TB HDD

    • Advit Garg
      Advit Garg

      I just got 16 gigs this yr

    • Derrick Hilton
      Derrick Hilton

      Sounds like my kids builds

  • Enokra

    I've come to the conclusion that LTT spawned entirely from Linus' desire to build his dream home

    • iWatchWithNoAds

      I bought monitor and wireless mouse keyboard, and wrote them off as business expense (mixed use at home). I felt guilty so then I watched Linus's house videos.

    • Endercass


    • Calis_hope

      This is underrated.

  • Krytopsy

    Man, this feels just like home. Having fun with the boys messing with tech, overclocking, pushing the hardware and the softwares to do cool things. I'm so thankful LMG has been a part in my life and the life of so many people for so many years now.

  • Created Tech
    Created Tech

    Good to see father and son working on some more tech projects together. Doe Yvonne know that Jake is living in the cupboard under the stairs yet?

    • Created Tech
      Created Tech

      @George Stark I don't really care about mistyping "does" on a random internet comment dude. Apparently you do though. Cringe.

    • George Stark
      George Stark

      *does You know you can read over what you've typed before posting? And there's an option to edit a comment as well, just in case you weren't aware...

    • Electrodexify

      You can tell there is plenty of chemistry between Linus and Jake. They know how to joke around while respecting each other.

    • Tech NO City
      Tech NO City

      Just cut your losses Linus. Let her have they kids they weren't that great anyways.

    • tekky_technician

      I won't tell if you won't

  • Overwatch

    1. You MIGHT actually want to get an enterprise NIC with network offload. It feels insane to suggest it, but it might be worth it. Especially so if you have a fat pipe to your storage server or something. I know I'm personally CPU limited to ~30Gbit when using my 40Gbit (56Gbit raw) IP-over-IB link. Plus, there is no reason for a tech IRglor with a server room to not have their core infrastructure on something fast. I'm SURE you can get a deal on some used enterprise gear. A few hundred Maple Dollars should get you a 100Gbit switch. 2. If you do the above, then your VMs might be able to just mount a share off that NAS you built. It should be easy enough to give each machine a data share. You could even benefit from having some direct links to the NAS. Most 100Gbit cards are dual port anyway. And SMB 3.1.* supports multichannel. Or you can just give each machine a block device... 3. You should REALLY consider getting some Optane drives for your local storage. Optane is still available in the enterprise space. And it really is SO much faster than regular NVMe. It is SUCH a shame that the marketing departments for all these flash memory companies did such a good job of convincing people that all those big numbers they throw around actually mean anything. If you aren't doing HPC or databases, you live in the world of Queue Depth 1-2. And Optane runs circles around even the fastest flash memory at this depth. Yes, a PCIe 3.0 Optane drive is still faster than a PCIe 4.0 flash based NVMe drive. At least in real-world use. 3.1. That motherboard supports PCIe bifurcation, so you don't need to get a crazy board with a PCIe switching chip (like that sonnet USB-C one...) You can just get a 16x card that breaks out to 4x U.2 ports. Or, you can use M.2 form factor boards and just mount them to a splitter board. Get the drives first, then work from there. You can even adapt the M.2 or Oculink ports. And used drives aren't a problem either. As an example, the low/mid ranged 480GiB 905P drive is rated for 8.76 PB of writes. !!! 8.6 PetaBytes written !!! So these drives will last longer than everything else in the system. Even if you buy used drives that are already 60-75% 'spent'. (And again, I'm going to point out how sad it is that 'marketing' is the reason that Optane/3DXpoint is not living in everyone's gaming rig right now...)

    • Steven Lu
      Steven Lu

      @Overwatch Hey man, I've been messing around and thinking about how to use these 3x ConnectX-3's that I have, and I reckon using 3x cables with 3x cards gives you a triangle topology rather than a line topology, reducing the extra hop (and whatever your middle device would have to do to route). I'm a network noob so I had tested just by connecting them and manually setting ip addresses. But that really already worked well.

    • Overwatch

      ​@Bacstaber well.... 1. You don't stay rich by spending your money on frivolous things. 2. Re-use is good. And there is nothing 'wrong' with used equipment. It is actually a GOOD thing to re-use equipment. More use-life is less e-waste. 3. Bleeding edge tech is utterly wasted at this level. Should there be a clearly felt difference between 1/2.5/5Gbit and 25/50/100Gbit with his type of setup? Yeah probably. It would let him do things that otherwise wouldn't work well, like using his NAS, and making it FEEL like local storage. But would there be a big difference between a used 100Gbit, and a new 800Gbit setup for him? I'd say no. That is the sort of difference you might feel with 50 users. Or in their case, a room full of editors working with 4k/8k footage. But the COST difference between 100Gbit and 400/800Gbit? Huge. Like, throw a handful more zeros on the end of it. A quick look on ebay shows me several pages of 25/50/100Gbit switches, and there are plenty in the 600-700 range. Contrast that with the 200Gbit switch LTT showed off in their sponsored "The $1,000,000 Unboxing" video, which retails for about $30,000. And a 400Gbit switch? That's not $million house money. But he also has these racked up. He doesn't technically even NEED a switch. He could easily direct-connect this VM host to his NAS for like $500. Hell, you can often get used 56Gbit equipment for LESS than 'consumer' 10Gbit stuff. Like, a LOT less. It's just CLEARLY not optimized for consumer use. I personally payed

    • Gary Wolfe
      Gary Wolfe

      @Overwatch Linus is an investor in unraid is his "go-to".

    • Bacstaber

      Hes spending a million dollars on his house why would he look for used equipment

    • Overwatch

      @Anxious Earth If your comment was genuine (IE not a joke), what parts are you having problems with? I can try to explain them, or point you to where you can learn about the stuff I talked about.

  • Edfame

    I'd honeslty like to see a channel dedicated to Jake explaining how to set this, the virtualizations and resource management, of this projects! :D

    • Catriona

      a channel dedicated to explaining it TO Jake might indeed be an idea.

  • ForcefighterX2

    The wastefulness of Windows' IO when running a PC or especially VM, was one of the reasons why I expected Windows to completely die due to the major IO advantages Mac and Linux have over it. But then came SSDs and made these random accesses completely irrelevant. So I had to laugh when they started multiple Windows VMs on the same NVMe SSD. I mean NVMe are great - but not THAT great. :-D

  • Erics Tech Channel
    Erics Tech Channel

    Jake running 5 gaming stations off 1 box with 100+ FPS. "It's not amazing" Me: "Yes. yes it is". Great video guys.

  • EnsuredChaos

    All Linus has to tell Yvonne is that the PC doubles as a portable space heater which will cut down on electricity costs, can't argue with savings.

    • Guy Pipili
      Guy Pipili

      If the area Linus and Yvonne live gets pretty warm in the summer...

    • Plasma Octopus
      Plasma Octopus

      Nah, I'm sure this was all her idea, and Linus was actually the one who didn't want to do it at first. Right?

    • gadge75

      I'm sure with 14.5M subscribers, the LAST thing she's worried about is what he spends his money on, if it isn't already something that was sent to him by the manufacturer.... Everything he throws money at turns into hundreds of thousands of views and mo money Mo Money MO MONEY!!! Lol

    • mkendallpk

      @GameCyborg No longer server room,. Now it will be the sauna.

    • Its pizza Time
      Its pizza Time


  • Mohammed

    I swear Linus has a document with every sponsor segway he's ever used so that he doesn't duplicate any

    • Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn
      Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn

      " how I would need to duplicate myself if it wasn't for our sponsor, SmartDeploy, simple & fast imaging software..."

    • Marco Doe
      Marco Doe

      I bet he has an eidetic memory about his sponsor segways.

  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith

    Once everything is sorted it would be good to see a writen guide and recomendations on this, would be cool to be able to recreate a version of this

  • Hein Beukes
    Hein Beukes

    This is such a cool concept. Especially if I think about the good old LAN party days - run one PC for 4 players. Or whatever

  • Neoxon

    I wouldn’t assume that a spouse isn’t there just because Yvonne isn’t present. Jake is in the room with you.

    • Michael Flanagan
      Michael Flanagan

      @Rara Cool yep gotta have one shitty joke in the arsenal

    • Rara Cool
      Rara Cool

      @Michael Flanagan damn you got an emotional support dead joke 💀

    • Neoxon

      @fleur'de' win Jake doesn't stop Linus Drop Tips, as the projector can attest to.

    • Alan Green
      Alan Green

      @Michael Flanagan YEAH! I'm LMAOing at this whole thread...

  • Samuel Carvalho
    Samuel Carvalho

    Linus & Jake combo always works so well. Jake always impresses me with his knowledge.

  • Tyler Old
    Tyler Old

    This is a genius series of videos and it is my absolute favorite. I'm going to be super bummed when your actual "home" is finished but I have an "LTT" feeling that going to take a while to finalize lol

  • Jonas hoho
    Jonas hoho

    hi Linus team, love those VM setups and did build one myself. i was just really annoyed by the sleep and hybernate function of a VM (wouldn't wake up via USB device) has this improved? Setup seemed way easier now, awesome love it.

  • Gamer 101
    Gamer 101

    Yvonne: Linus, you promised. Linus: I had my wires crossed.

  • conscience_cat114

    Linus you REALLY need to look into UNRAID emulation thread pinning. You'd be better off giving 5 CPU's to each machine and pinning the emulation overhead to a single CPU core per VM that's separate to the gaming cores (you could also get away with one thread per VM). It will cut down the inter-core latencies and the VM will perform at around 95% of bear metal performance, even when CPU bound. I run a similar setup at home and once I pinned the Emulation threads to separate cores from my gaming cores my FPS shot up in CPU bound games. It also has a positive effect on 1% and .1% lows when not CPU bound. There are multiple UNRAID forum threads discussing this topic.

    • Overwatch

      He would be better off using a real hypervisor like Proxmox, instead of a NAS with bolted on VM/container support like UnRaid...

    • Benjamin Arntzen
      Benjamin Arntzen

      Ah yes, bear metal

    • al20ov

      is emu. thread pinning needed with linux/kvm virtualization? I don't know anything about unraid, but it might be using kvm under the hood and it might all be the same thing

    • Joshua Holland
      Joshua Holland

      There a good guide somewhere on how to do this?

    • Adam Zey
      Adam Zey

      @I Have Horrible Commentary It's not just about the virtualization penalty, it's about the CPU topology. There is a huge latency penalty for core-to-core communications if the cores are on different CCDs versus the same CCD. This was even worse with Zen 2, where there was also a big penalty for talking to a core on the other CCX on the same CCD, but Zen 3 switched to a single 8-core CCX per CCD. However, EPYC complicates things because the larger number of CCDs means you now have to worry about NUMA node proximity and the even larger penalty for inter-socket communication in a 2P setup. The worst possible setup for gaming would be splitting the VM's cores across two sockets.

  • Heidi ET[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
    Heidi ET[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    These two together are absolutely electric. I die laughing every time 😂

  • Just Myner
    Just Myner

    Actually, what about the anticheat problem? Were LTT able to resolve that? Since it's such a major issue on VM's, it would be great to see if games like Valorant with their Vanguard anticheat would work this way

    • CDS Equestrian
      CDS Equestrian

      @space interesting! Thanks for the info, i didn't know any of this.

    • space

      EAC works with VMs still to this day. BattlEye just soft “bans” you. Luckily, if you’re running Windows 10 PRO, you can go to “Turn Windows features on or off” and enable Hyper-V to essentially “bypass” BattlEye, as well as even other games like Genshin Impact, Valorant (if you go through the effort of actually spoofing device names and RDTSC iirc.) Note that enabling Hyper-V can still cause the dreaded Code 43 error, requiring a ROM patch.

    • Alfie Herbert
      Alfie Herbert

      I think one way is to virtualise windows within the actual vms with hyper-v, and then the system detects it's running in a VM, but doesn't mind because it's hyper-v

    • CDS Equestrian
      CDS Equestrian

      This is exactly what I was wondering. How would anticheat behave with what is essentially 5 game instances on the same system.

  • Ethan's

    hey Linus! don't know if you already addressed this in a previous yet video or not, but does this virtualization setup work with anti cheat programs? that was the first thing that came to mind when halo wouldn't load

    • Edmon Abdul Nur
      Edmon Abdul Nur

      I did this same thing two month ago with my laptop (Proxmox-Windows 10/11) and couldn't get Warzone to run - Rainbow Six also booted everyone in the lobby when I joined a game - Apex worked fine. I have a playlist that I've made public if you wanna learn how to do it.

  • Scott Myers
    Scott Myers

    I love the mutual respect they have for eachother, and the fact that Linus despite being the boss doesn't get mad at cursing

  • CD3MC

    I'd love to see a full house setup playlist, as it's kinda hard to find the videos that belong in this series.

  • techienate

    WHY does LTT not over provision their cpu cores! Drives me nuts every time I watch them do a virtualization video... Like, assign at least 8 cores to each VM, and let the hypervisor distribute the load.

  • Ryan Wollum
    Ryan Wollum

    For whatever reason this keeps getting attempted over the years, it's really cool to slowly watch the technology catch up to an idea

  • Nom

    Now if there was an option to have like 4 dedicated cores per VM and have the remainder dynamically allocate (or even allocate the 4 cores per machine, while they are not in use), that would be sick af... That way you would actually have a real advantage over 5 single machines, since you could have more powaaa when the kids are not using the machine.

  • stonetheforbidden

    Y'know, it's really nice that Linus and Jake are letting Yvonne live in their house.

    • Guy S
      Guy S

      With her children too.

  • hansi's corner
    hansi's corner

    Fun to see that you guys still have the drive to put out quality content regularly. Long time fan from norway. Good job guys This has become an institution.

  • Chaos Corner
    Chaos Corner

    My wife has a fair few rules but "No virtualized gaming environments" has never cropped up, strangely enough.

  • YouTube Commenter
    YouTube Commenter

    I personally believe this was a very great video and a great trendsetter in resource-sharing and workflow automation and Linus didn't break or drop anything. Good job LTT!

  • Volár Gergő
    Volár Gergő

    16:30 "We should've just bought CS:GO..." Who is gonna tell them guys?

    • Farid


    • Volár Gergő
      Volár Gergő

      @THEIsaacPigg27 _ same, that's why I wrote it instead

    • THEIsaacPigg27 _
      THEIsaacPigg27 _

      Somehow I had to scroll for a good minute or two before someone brought this up

    • Kalana Sankalpa
      Kalana Sankalpa

      Scrolled all the way down to see am i the only one who noticed

    • Tim Plett
      Tim Plett

      Would've blown the budget lol

  • Glob

    I LOVE how they didn’t know that CSGO went free to play at 16:29 and they were going to “buy” it 😂

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      congratulations send an inbox👆to claim your prize..🔝..

  • Noah Gilbert
    Noah Gilbert

    03:17 - Jake, you promised that you would get lime green patch cables for the rack...... Those don't match the bold aesthetics of a hot pink rack Great video and great to see Linus doing another virtualization project, and with the amount of work Jake is doing on this, does he get the cupboard under the stairs to live in??

  • Paul Ingram
    Paul Ingram

    I love the content, but I feel like every time I watch I realize how little I know about technology.

  • Cluster-Bom

    Trust me, Yvonne isn't gonna want to power that on just to play something like the Sims when no one else is home. Also, love the pizza holder.

    • PixelFlames

      Agreed. If I was Yvonne I would have driven to micro center and asked them to sell me a pc 😂 then Linus comes home like wtf is this.

  • Ty Davis
    Ty Davis

    So, I know this is a long while away, but I'm getting pumped for a glorious hour-long full house tour video when it's done.... that is gonna happen, right?

    • Ty Davis
      Ty Davis

      @Sierra LVX Yeah I'm thinking of something like a walkthrough/house tour before the family actually gets moved in, similar to what a realtor would do for someone viewing the house, but really in depth

    • Synthetic_Future

      I hope they'll hire the people that did MTV cribs back in the day 👀

    • Sierra LVX
      Sierra LVX

      I'd like that but I don't think they would for the family privacy's sake. Half of it would be in blurred city.

    • Tomáš Jelínek
      Tomáš Jelínek

      I am in! I will bring pop Korn.

    • Intagen Gaming
      Intagen Gaming

      “I’m getting pumped for a glorious hour-long…” pause

  • Sock Puppet
    Sock Puppet

    You know, this looks very cool Linus and Jake, it is indeed on the cutting edge of what can be done. That said, I've never seen something else that is so overly complicated and headache-ridden with several other, better, solutions already being on the market. Not to mention the fact that this is a solution that only Linus could ever use as you'd have to replace the entire system in 2 to 3 years, to upgrade just one person's machine. And from the looks of it, Linus's kids aren't going to be happy with 16gig or 36gig machines for very long, not to mention the limit of 6 cores only. This is fine for now, but as CPU cores are rapidly increasing it won't be shocking to see octa cores and 12 cores become the norm instead of 6 cores. This is peak "I have to get water to that bucket over there, I am a drone pilot, I will fly the drone with the bucket to the ocean and fill it I'll just ignore the working tap right above the bucket"

  • BrAlex

    I wish Linus would do an Intel upgrade at this bearded dude's house just so we can see how much stuff he took from work.

  • Im sad.
    Im sad.

    His kids have the greatest bragging rights, even my dad who totally works for Microsoft doesn't have this killer setup.

  • FlyingStitchman

    As someone who uses virtualization to play a fair amount of games, anti-cheat games are going to give you some big issues. For example, Halo not launching is because of its "Aribiter" anti-cheat. Now Halo's is pretty easy to get around, but battle eye and eac are significantly more annoying, although possible. If you head on over to "SomeOrdinaryGamers" youtube channel, he has quite a few videos on how to get anti-cheats working that would be helpful to watch.

    • Canada Jones
      Canada Jones

      @IHACKFTW From a quick google, that looks like partitioning, not passthrough. Not to mention, a big part of why people do VMs is to be able to run a non-Windows host OS for their main stuff and/or to have many isolated environments running on the same physical hardware, using OSes dedicated to this. Furthermore, while I haven't done research on this, I can't imagine a GPU setup getting more performant than just passing through a whole GPU as a unit.

    • Kye

      ​@Thyncha easyanticheat is kernel, valorant's anti cheat does make it very very difficult to play on a virtual machine but if you can make the anti cheat believe your machine is physical when its virtual then there you have it. As someone mentioned here, SomeOrdinaryGamers covered this but apparently its patched (for good reason as well). I guess valorant will be one of those out of reach games to play virtualized


      @space Sadly everybody so far has failed to look at GPU-PV on windows 11, you can assign multiple gpus to multiple VMS. run fully headless with parsec and actually make use of the gpu power. Passthough is old news, not sure why people are still trying to do it

    • Fluked

      valorant is the only game i can't play on my setup, because its a ring-0 level anticheat. everything else passes, including Halo. just hide the hypervisor from the guest

    • TBUK

      @VictorDavid29 ...and that's exactly why SOG said he wouldn't be playing Valorant. Having a kernel-level anti-cheat is a major security flaw, incredibly unnecessary, and just causes more issues than it fixes.

  • Karmabase DJ
    Karmabase DJ

    About time Linus starts his own cloud gaming service that we can all afford!!

  • GD nation
    GD nation

    Would this technique work on running multiple vr headsets from one cpu and multiple gpu? Or more specifically, can you run two rifts, on a 5950x, a creator board, 64 gb ram, and 2 nividia 30 series cards?

  • TheHazmatGamer9842

    I have a 1660 and from what I’ve heard the performance is similar to the 2060 and 3060. Runs great.

  • Douglas Korytkowski Jr
    Douglas Korytkowski Jr

    That's rediculous. Im surprised Linus still get excited anymore when he can just do whatever he feels like doing but that shows it's genuine when it comes to computers because this is pretty powerful of a device and if you like computers anyone would be geeking over this computer.

    • Message me on telegram 👉linustechtips11
      Message me on telegram 👉linustechtips11

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's.

  • Adam P
    Adam P

    Worried about noise and heat, I think we need to seem some remote water cooling. Could be fun.

  • MrRoar Battle
    MrRoar Battle

    What's the final cost of all of that? I wanted to do something like this for my house hold. Wife and kids can have their "own" computers and it can last them a few years of possible.

  • Sar kasaa
    Sar kasaa

    Id suggest creating a small dummy array, which wont be used for the vms. Then give each vm its own storage device up creation (you can select whole disks instead of shares in the storage dropdown) Pretty sure spaceinvaderone has a video on this

  • Aristo12

    Since the machine has some resources left: adding another VM which acts as a Steam download cache/proxy would help with so many gaming instances. :D

    • Hole InTheSeat
      Hole InTheSeat

      @Max Reimer yup

    • Max Reimer
      Max Reimer

      @Hole InTheSeat at the same time?

    • Hole InTheSeat
      Hole InTheSeat

      @Max Reimer yes it is. Lol I literally do it with mine. Two vms, both same 1 disk for os, and then a shared disk attached to both vms.

    • Justin LaBarge
      Justin LaBarge

      @vadim negru hmm, didn't know that.

    • vadim negru
      vadim negru

      @Justin LaBarge settings for most games stored in steam userdata folder or in documents. Sure, there might be some outliers that could be installed inividually, all other library just shared.

  • Amiris sheep
    Amiris sheep

    Would love to see LTT attempt to make Cloud gaming service.

  • Leonardo Taufan
    Leonardo Taufan

    Are you sure running them in a VM is a good idea? If I recall correctly, some anti-cheats are not friendly when they detected that they're in a VM.

  • Georgiy Perelygin
    Georgiy Perelygin

    Nice video, I love the tech but I feel pretty conservative about having my rig close. Looking at this setup everything feels kinda wrong even compared to cloud gaming and to make it even worse that fact that everything is on a single rig makes me anxious about privacy. I mean a single point of failure for all of the family data.

    • UncleFred12

      I really don't understand why they wouldn't just build 5 seperate PCs if they needed them. I feel like this setup will be janky and will eventually be replaced with PCs anyway.

  • SlowFastDog

    Constructive feedback: As somebody new to VM's trying to run a 1650 to get my partner into gaming, nothing in this video screams "look here, google this or this is what's needed to do it yourself". There's also not a huge lot of detail about what was done differently in previous videos to avoid error 43. For better video engagement, someone with the personality of Sarah Butt on her first day should atleast understand what link to click on for more details. Also I almost didn't click on this because the "My wife will hate me" titles are getting a bit repetitive.

  • marcoNLD

    i nearly spatted my coffee when jake said "we could give the kids 16GB and use the rest for something else" they are like a married couple lmao

    • Alan Green
      Alan Green

      @Ridge I think you might be giving me credit for a joke that I didn't start; I was just one of several who "piled on"... :)

    • lunatic ermoer
      lunatic ermoer

      @Ridge speaking of suck, here's our sponsor that doesn't suck

    • Ridge

      @Alan Green LOL, finally an internet joke that doesn't suck. you gave me a good laugh, thanks :)

    • Alan Green
      Alan Green

      @Ridge No, the joke is that Linus and Jake are acting like a married couple with kids and they are just doling out a little of what they have to the kids and keeping the best for themselves.

    • Ridge

      @Alan Green just marcolnd's entire comment, what else would they use the ram for? it's probably a sex joke isn't it XD

  • Neon SilverFox
    Neon SilverFox

    Once he's completed upgrading this house it will be time to move to a new house.

  • KC king collin
    KC king collin

    Linus: "tries to load halo" Windows: "dies" Me: typical windows doing typical windows things...😑

  • SuperJimBobJoe

    WIth how overkill so many things in the house seem to be this seems kinda like a half measure ngl. VMs are good for video/content but its probably gonna be a pain in the long run

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S

    I'd love to know what Linus' annual electricity bill in his new house is going to look like with all this tech in it.

    • Lightly-red-hued male individual
      Lightly-red-hued male individual

      probably not that much considering most of it is smart-enabled and turns themselves off when not in-use

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  • MisterBloodBunny

    It would be nice if you'd also talk about games that you can't run on this setup: Game devs that prevent or even BAN people that run their games in a virtualized env.

    • Hudson Hamman
      Hudson Hamman

      @LifeWulf yup. And there's not guarantee Riot won't apply this to their other games, too, as a standard.

    • LifeWulf

      @Hudson Hamman the absurd level of trust you need to have in Riot to never do anything shady and that the anticheat itself will never be compromised… not to mention locked FoV and aspect ratio… I truly do not understand people that play Valorant.

    • Hudson Hamman
      Hudson Hamman

      @MisterBloodBunny that's because you've installed a detection system at Ring 0 of your OS, meaning it boots up as you press power. It's one of the reasons I don't play Valorant and I am no longer playing Riot games.

    • Shuroii

      @Ilya Pavkin you can turn this off, but it's annoying to do

    • Shuroii

      @Chloe Fletcher those are good reasons for sticking to licenced software, yeah. You can tell qemu to reset the RTC clock when the VM boots so that the amount of cpu clock cycles your CPU did prior to booting the VM won't show up. As for CPU, you can just click the "copy host topography" option and it'll show the correct CPU model and core layout. As for core count, you can technically just tell windows it has more cores than it actually does, or you can give it the cores it also uses to run the hypervisor (this comes with an obvious performance loss/instability risk) to show that it's an unmodified CPU of the correct SKU.

  • Eric

    Been running a Supermicro box at work for about a year now with 4 GPUs (Quadro P2000), VMs have been stable and easy setup. Honestly took your previous videos as inspiration and it worked great.

  • Theo Higgins
    Theo Higgins

    I'm glad there's finally someone at LTT who knows that CSGO with bots is really CPU intensive (it was painful when you'd do a budget build and CS would run bad because it was with bots) Now if only he knew CSGO is free now and they didn't need to faff around with different games for ages.

  • Aala Azimi
    Aala Azimi

    Nvidia: "We will help with the million dollar rack" LTT: "Fuck you Nvidia"

  • transatlant1c

    I’m sure someone else has already mentioned but; unraid doesn’t really run ‘off’ the USB - it boots off it then loads most things into memory. Yes some config is written back to the USB occasionally but only a small amount.

  • Tears In The Rain
    Tears In The Rain

    I love how Linus found a way to monetize his new house by showing it to us with the most mundane of tech curiosities… AND WE LOVE IT

    • Tears In The Rain
      Tears In The Rain

      @Thomas Phillips i meant it not as simple but as in, i don't think most people here clicked because they wondered how to do this, more like because we love linus content

    • Thomas Phillips
      Thomas Phillips

      Mundane tech curiosities? Running 5 gaming VMs off one board is hardly mundane

    • Joe Bloggs
      Joe Bloggs

      @The Ch4nc3llor Think of all the tax deductables!

    • The Ch4nc3llor
      The Ch4nc3llor

      The house has really paid for itself 😂😂😂

    • Jrmjuve10

      lol, hey at least he's keeping the videos tech related. I've seen other tech youtubers monetize their home remodeling videos when all they're doing is installing flooring or adding walls.

  • MetalMan1245

    It is officially true that Jake had more say in Yvonne and Linus' house than Yvonne did.

  • Nicholas D'Amico
    Nicholas D'Amico

    I love your enthusiasm man. You deserve every ounce of success, congratulations and love your happiness Linus! Jake seems like he loves his job, you've done a hell of a job!

    • Message me on telegram 👉linustechtips11
      Message me on telegram 👉linustechtips11

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's!

  • Darth Plaguerism
    Darth Plaguerism

    2022 = One 18 minute video on virtualization that took ~2012 Linus 4-6 videos to accomplish. Love to see it.

  • Mangekyou_Lemon

    Your wife was just preparing the melee the entire time. Now she’s preparing the archery. Good luck

  • The Mx5 Channel
    The Mx5 Channel

    I'm glad Linus keeps trying to piss off Yvonne by getting "nice" stuff :D And jake is like the little kid asking him to do so. God, I love LTT.

    • F.B.We.

      @Tony Solo 👁️👄👁️

    • Tony Solo
      Tony Solo

      She knows bro.

    • Love Ago
      Love Ago

      Makes the channel more fun🤣🤣✔

  • costafilh0

    NICE! The best part is that if you lose 1 PC for maintenance or replacement you lose all 5 PCs at once! NICE!

  • Suman Roy
    Suman Roy

    Sometimes it feels like every one at LTT are just jolly nerdy man-child with enormous supply of money to spend on nerdy toys!!

  • Alex

    I love that these two have become my favorite married couple 😂

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  • HappyAlly77

    I mean you would logically run each VM on their own SSD, which is one thing unraid does really well, while keeping everything syncd in the same array

  • PhilfreezeCH

    As a side note, you can actually fit two mini-ITX boards into one 19“ rack, so you could actually easily have two PCs per rack. So assuming 4U per rack you could fit 5 entire PCs into 12 U rack space which isn‘t all that bad. I think if you plan it properly you could probably even fit three mini-ITX boards into one rack (the boards themself fit but you might have to stagger them because the cards are longer; you would have the arranged in an L-shape with the PSU in the ‚hole‘). So that lowers it to 8U.

    • Taylormade2350

      @Phillip Mbise you don't run any splitters lmao and he literally has like 3000 watts just to run that one motherboard. There are literally multiple psus so not sure what your point is.

    • Igor

      @Lars Radtke more like 30w and 300w. No need to be overdramatic. Realistically, you will almost never hit the full power limit of all parts of your PC by just gaming. My 6700xt and 5600x PC draws like 200-250w, depending on the game. At least that's what my kill-a-watt tells me.

    • Lars Radtke
      Lars Radtke

      @Igor yes, I Know, there is a difference between 30W and 1600W...

    • Igor

      @Lars Radtke good APUs are still APUs... yes, AMD makes great ones. But they are nothing compared to a full GPU.

  • sBeDs

    yep, went wayyyy too smooth!!! Everything worked as intended, with 0 troubleshooting needed on the first try, nothing has been dropped... I hope the universe won't decide the balance itself to give you your worst headache you've ever had in the next video!!! 🤣🤣🤣