Why people are paying $$$ for CRT screens
Linus Tech Tips
Ya they're big but they're still the best at a couple things gamers care about!
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  • fireroka

    “only runs at 80hz”

  • Kyleapril32

    When you hoard a few old CRTs because you know these people exist.

  • The All Rounder
    The All Rounder

    oh, so that's the CRT everyone's getting mad about

  • Boi

    2022: carefull, dont break the monitor

  • WorldAviation 4K
    WorldAviation 4K

    The days when I used to get headaches from staring at the CRT for hours

  • DarkBowser64

    The other thing about CRT monitors is that they're multisync and do not see things in "pixels", but "lines". You can display whatever resolution the display supports, including some arbitrary ones, and they all look equally sharp. There's no blurry scaling.

  • niino

    It's this one specific monitor (Sony FW900) that is so expensive and sought after, due to it's high quality and 1080p/1200p capability. It's not like CRTs in general have suddenly become worth so much.

  • rubiantary

    Bought a 20" CRT Monitor for $5 about 3 years ago.

  • WorldAviation 4K
    WorldAviation 4K

    Remember taking the CRT upstairs for the first and last time, resting on each step along the way

  • Magyar Áron
    Magyar Áron

    Motion clarity is by far the most important thing about CRT technology(native, built in black frame insertion provided by physics with a super smooth fade off), and the fact that it instantly shows the right color, unlike LCD which shows garbo most of the time cuz slow pixel response times.

  • Allen John
    Allen John

    forget retro gaming, I want to see modern games run on this monitor

  • Dracocrypha

    "only 80hz" when my full hd monitor runs at 60

  • Michael

    I remember the day from moving from CRT to a flatscreen HDMI TV. My brother and I used the Xbox 360 at the time and the first game we used to notice the difference was Grid. I can recall the first time we plugged in the HDMI something looked ugly about the cars. The problem was that in the game the cars were covered with dust. This was our first time realizing that the game had a wash car feature to clean the cars and we didn’t realize up to that point because our CRT tv was so bad that you couldn’t tell the difference between a clean car and a dirty car.

  • Lierofox

    If I'm not mistaken, that's a Sony GDM-FW900, one of the best PC monitors Sony ever made.

  • jhsevs

    Linus and team, I would really appreciate it if you could contact me. I own the worlds biggest CRT PC monitor group and I have lots of knowledge on these. I'm sorry to say but half of your statements in this video contains misinformation/inaccurate specs/info. I know you're probably not going to see this anyway and you're going to continue putting a spanner in my works by spreading so much garbage information on the internet. Please, please contact me and I'll write up everything from phosphor type, how to calibrate, 4k resolutions on these, resolving, dithering/banding/static smoothness, motion blur and what syncing refresh rates to frame rates do to the picture, stuttering, frame interpolation and frame blending, actual resolution/refresh rate capability, graphics card ramdac bandwidth, modern drivers, custom resolution, all for free. I also have world records in monitor refresh rate overclocking (425hz on an Iiyama 454 back in 2015). These FW900s are capable of displaying 2304*1440i at 160hz, the trick is finding a high bandwidth output graphics card and making the resolution mode work in software and drivers. I myself am using a couple of Eizo CRTs right now at 2400*1800 at 100hz, and it's as sharp as ever, text is clean and sharp, etc. No, not using DSR.

  • cdrag90

    “Only runs at 80hz”

  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl

    Linus has reached the point of having more money then he knows what to do with, and hence these wild choices. But it's somewhat irresponsible to post this, as $3000 for an old CRT monitor is just crazy, not something anyone should be recommending.

  • Tyler Swagar
    Tyler Swagar

    "That looks like it came from a thrift store"

  • Extreme Derpz
    Extreme Derpz

    Me: Why would you even spend that much on that ancient tech?

  • Christina Pritchard
    Christina Pritchard

    Casually watching this on my 21" Mitsubishi Diamondtron getting mad at everyone pushing up the price of my hobbies yet again :( pls stop. pls.