The World's Ugliest Keyboard
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RGB is old news - THIS is the new way to make your keyboard stand out... Gold and silver keycaps bro. Are you ready?
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نظر: 18 073
  • Kniveus

    You managed to make rgb less polarizing, now everybody hates it.

  • Imre Kertész
    Imre Kertész



    "Someone's probably making RGB cables at this point" This was supposed to be satire, not prophecy.

  • August

    you know i think the silver caps would've looked good with the rgb

  • Loading…

    Whose gonna tell him there are rgb pc cables now

  • Asian Rice
    Asian Rice

    6.5 million of us really watched linus just put on new keycaps

  • Mcnuggatron

    The fact that the thumbnail didn't become a massive meme, is a miracle.

  • Pharmit24

    This is for the rich Dubai pc gamers.

  • IRMacGuyver

    I like to imagine that here in the year 2019 someone at Linus Media Group is still using this keyboard.

  • Brandon Z
    Brandon Z

    I can’t stop watching keyboard videos. I’m fully down the rabbit hole

  • Frostii

    I think to make it slightly “uglier” you should add the silver a,s,d,w keys instead of the gold ones, just a suggestion that would make it better looking in my opinion.

  • Gaming WithArcher2
    Gaming WithArcher2

    I actually died when he bent the thing in half

  • Bando Will
    Bando Will

    “Someone’s probably making rgb cables right now” oh Linus you had no idea how right you were

  • a_Aelia

    When you write 100,000 essays and unlock the golden skin

  • TheJurassic Chicken
    TheJurassic Chicken

    Us: that actually looks kinda cool

  • Dennis X
    Dennis X

    To be honest, these look better than most popular ones I've seen.

  • Christian Kölbl
    Christian Kölbl

    I feel like this would look actually amazing if the top of the caps way still black and only the sides were gold/silver

  • dead account
    dead account

    Would have been better if u put both colors in a checkered pattern

  • Kameron Mickeletto
    Kameron Mickeletto

    I actually really love this keyboard. I honestly wish I had the money to do it myself 😂

  • Studious Soul
    Studious Soul

    I actually kind of like this, the silver is so my aesthetic. I would use something like this (of course, entirely coloured silver or gold)