Does High FPS make you a better gamer? Ft. Shroud - FINAL ANSWER
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  • BlownAwayGamer

    inside our heart we all know that skills, fps, refresh rate etc. doesn't make you a better gamer. RGB does.

  • CLWK | Instnct
    CLWK | Instnct

    I was born in 30 FPS

  • bruh

    finally, something to blame other than my teammates

  • DesterionZA

    Can confirm, after upgrading from a laptop and 30fps to a decent PC and a good monitor at over 100fps, i instantly felt better. Easier to track, hit shots i normally would not.. no more "How Did I miss that, My bullet went through him"

  • xTrittonStudios

    When this man said “I can’t track, it’s too hard” my soul felt at ease knowing why I can’t track a truck at 60hz

  • Halibut86

    Awesome video, glad you guys were able to pull pro gamers for real results.

  • Soprano

    ive played warzone on a 60hz whilst only achieving around 40-55 fps for over a year now and actually did not bad but I did suffer with low quality and I did lose battles because of the low fps. Now with a 144hz monitor and a 3070 its such a huge difference, like night and day. I'm playing much better and winning a lot more as well and the quality is way better, gone from low to ultra and its great to see everything lol I did think about getting a 200fps plus monitor but I was seeing people mention that its not much of a difference then again im not a pro player, im a casual gamer so 144 is fine for me.

  • SammySammy 23
    SammySammy 23

    I used to play csgo and valorant on 15 to 35 fps, but recently i got a new pc with rtx 2060 and r5 3600 and just in 5 weeks i went from iron 2 to plat 2 in valorant

  • Archie Pedrola
    Archie Pedrola

    Playing apex and I can feel the difference in my reaction time on 144 vs my enemies from my 60 fps before. There's real difference in the flow of your game having that advantage.

  • Kevin Knutson
    Kevin Knutson

    I am a huge fan of LTT. That being said, this was very entertaining. Even more so than the standard. All the gamers were super cool and relatable. Well done.

  • Alex Clarke
    Alex Clarke

    I would love to know if it would’ve made a difference if they had of started at 240 and worked their way down to 60 For the reaction time test

  • Corrupted

    One of my buddies was one of the "the human cant see more than 24 fps thats why movies are like that" kids and we didnt know how to argue against that as 13 year hahaha olds hahaha

  • Drummer Naut
    Drummer Naut

    This was really fun and interesting to watch, Thanks for doing this test!

  • Dr. Goose Duckman: Math Scientist!
    Dr. Goose Duckman: Math Scientist!

    Waaaay late to this one, but I would love to see more of these hardware vs monitor vs gamers vs Linus vs Paul things. Fantastic.

  • Witcher Joker
    Witcher Joker

    Technically this would be a PID controller running at different frequency of inputs. Very consistent with what you would expect in that scenario, including the pre-tuning of the 'controllers' for specific scenarios.

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    I recently got to try my overclocked 144hz (170hz) vs a 240hz monitor on the same computer which was pushing 300-350hz in CSGO. I personally couldn't feel the difference and I didn't manage to improve in the slightest on the 240 vs my 170. this is most likely entirely down to me not being good enough for the extra frames to make a difference.

  • Filip Ladan
    Filip Ladan

    In my own experience, hopping from 60Hz to 144Hz was a big difference in feeling and as for most fps players when I jumped from 144Hz to 240Hz the difference was there but not as much as the previous jump, although for a short period of time I had to jump back to 144Hz and it was literally as bad for me as 60Hz. When experiencing 240Hz anything below that felt just as bad, even 144Hz.

  • kevlar5150

    Biggest surprise of this video is how well Linus did.

  • Egolith

    About 2-3 years ago I went from a 60 hz monitor to a 144 hz monitor and could easily tell the difference in my gameplay between the two. I realized that everything is far less stuttery in my directional movements, which gives my eyes a easier time tracking opponents. Albeit I am not a huge FPS gamer, I play a lot more MOBAs and can say that the difference there is highly noticeable as well. Sometime in the future I will be moving up to 240 or higher hz monitors and will see if those help as significant as the switch from 60 to 144 did. Hopefully so, as I always like seeing that my abilities aren't slightly hampered by technological setbacks

  • TheLetsplaymine

    I think this test is also good at proving that real life doesnt have a frame rate. I am wondering if we eventually reach a refresh rate that simply doesnt improve our speeds, at that point I will say the monitor refresh rate is the same as the processing speed as our brains