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Can you really game at 16K? Will this setup crash and burn, or be the most amazing gaming experience ever?
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نظر: 25 972
  • ViXoZuDo

    We need the revision of this video, but now 32k with 3090 SLI!

  • Benny

    This video needs to be remade with the 3090 being out now.

  • Rafa

    linus: "after we take a closer look at ..."

  • LuFFy Plays BGMI
    LuFFy Plays BGMI

    Mom I need this for my online classes. So I can take high resolution notes for my future exams..

  • AccurateMrStuff


  • Erkandanotesi

    A boy from 2077: Holy sh!t how many cables are they using, now I am gaming on my 128k monitor with no cable

  • ii7azoom4ever

    I remember that when Steve Jobs revealed iPhone 2G with a 480p resolution and he was so proud and this phone was a revolution

  • Charles Mark
    Charles Mark

    The end result is undesirable. They need to sell monitors without bezels. I couldn't play games with huge black bezel bars midway. Still a very good experiment and entertaining as always,.

  • Oualid Abdellaoui
    Oualid Abdellaoui

    linus: i'm playing at 16K

  • Tristin Byers
    Tristin Byers

    We need another part to this with how far technology has come

  • krishna sampath
    krishna sampath

    Linus: Gets 1 fps on Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Manuel Voltz
    Manuel Voltz

    I think it needed to be 9 or 25 screens becasue one monitor needs to be in the middle. Otherwise you cannot aim.

  • Awn

    Nvidia: releases rtx 3000 series

  • SephCon Uno
    SephCon Uno

    "Memory usage is only 8 Gigs!"

  • Ariel

    I would love to see them revisit this with minimal bezel monitors, and RTX Quadro 8000's. Also just add in an intel i9-9900k or 10th gen intel, or an AMD Threadripper 3990x

  • nishachor

    Linus & his team is simply put "awesome", thanks for sharing!


    I have been using 4K resolution for gaming now for over 6 years. My current LG panel is more recent and it uses a measly 35W of power.

  • Elijah Cruz
    Elijah Cruz

    We need a revision of this with 8K monitors, and a 3090

  • Decoy

    Your performance on 16K is the same as mine on 720P

  • TheCrusedKiwi

    Soooooo with RTX 3000 series coming out when’s 32K gaming becoming a thing?