Scammed on ebay... Testing the 56 CORE system!
Linus Tech Tips
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  • Deeg05


  • Oscar Gade-Frimann
    Oscar Gade-Frimann

    "I need a graphics card". Casually grabbing a high-end 10-series graphics card, as if it was an everyday thing. xD

  • tomix1024

    Remember when having 56 cpu cores in a dual-socket system was crazy?

  • Matthew LT
    Matthew LT

    Don’t they know people drop things

  • Booster Gold
    Booster Gold

    this channel always makes me want to build another pc... never has tech been so much fun and exciting every time you tune in.

  • Lettuce

    me watching this video in dec. 2019:

  • Do It With Dan
    Do It With Dan

    I've never wanted some bullshit ebay chips to work so fucking much... Linus has me on the edge of my seats.

  • Elemental Sheep
    Elemental Sheep


  • Shahriar Tanvir
    Shahriar Tanvir

    Linus doing everything he can to entertain us. it's just amazing😊

  • Yahya Alkaff
    Yahya Alkaff

    Normal people: drugs

  • Lady.Whatever

    "If it turns on, I'm gonna be turned on"

  • Headbox

    “If it turns on, I’m turned on”

  • Miha Frangež
    Miha Frangež

    I love his conclusion: "If you order a chip that doesn't exist, there's a good chance it's not gonna work" :D

  • Quin Varela
    Quin Varela

    "don't they know that people drop things?" that is some intense foreshadowing.

  • Pro Sim Racing
    Pro Sim Racing

    Linus, you had me cracking up with your excitement over those processors. I can definitely understand, I'm the same as well when it comes to new PC gear, great video bud.

  • Julia Shenandoah
    Julia Shenandoah

    Wow the enthusiasm building this system truly showed! The funny part is I am even too scared and careful to fully insert a RAM into a socket to not put too much pressure on the PCBs to prevent bowing or otherwise damaging the mainboard, and you are leaning in with your full body weight on the CPU sockets :D

  • Victor Eli
    Victor Eli

    I love how excited Linus is about everything in the beginning

  • TheGodNamedFraize

    So, looking back and realizing that the ES chips from eBay probably only work with specific motherboards. I ran into this with an ES chip that would only work with supermicro boards

  • lordofdoom11

    Not gonna lie.....this is probably my fav video from LTT in a LOOOONG time

  • KibbiKing

    "I'm hoping to just kind of wing it by literally holding the CPU in place" -Linus Tech Tips 2018