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We experienced a MASSIVE RAID failure on Whonnock server and lost a crapload of data. Can we get it back?
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  • Mejakoba

    Love how he calls tech support and he's like:

  • Activate Windows
    Activate Windows

    "This is why it is a good idea to call tech support, because the second you call them, you will solve the problem on your own."

  • Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom
    Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom

    This still beats all reality shows I've ever seen on TV. The suspense is real!

  • Michael Bretall
    Michael Bretall

    "NONE. of. it." Damn, there was some genuine venom in that sentence 👀

  • carnage frenzy
    carnage frenzy

    All time favorite LTT line: “Reality TV ain’t got nothing on IT work”😂😂

  • Skinny Kid
    Skinny Kid

    He handled this like the perfect boss

  • Shufty

    I've been working in IT for 15 years and I can relate to the emotional rollercoaster he's experiencing.


    "...A thousand dollars in rental equipment"

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala

    "NONE. OF. IT."

  • Corristo89


  • Mathew Zacharia
    Mathew Zacharia

    Linus's emotions matched mine when my first pc didn't boot up.

  • Terry Catboy~
    Terry Catboy~

    It's so funny to watch this years after it happend, look at how empty the server room was back then :'D

  • TrooperMaple

    "How do you fix a server?"

  • Chris

    I watch this about once a year to keep my backup practices sharp.

  • June3rd_OW

    This felt like a reality tech tv-show episode. At the end I was expecting to hear a narrator say "Next time on Linus's servers, see how linus and the team tackles the problem of ..."

  • Streax

    You Only Liao Once hits different now because of his sign Live Laugh Liao

  • DrumAndBassFreak


  • Billy Bell
    Billy Bell

    "And we'll have a better backup scheme in the future, I promise"

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts

    "We should physically print all of our videos, every frame... on paper..."

  • Fodor Benedek
    Fodor Benedek

    This is accidentally one of your best videos. I love watching the behind the scenes stuff way more than the actual content :D