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This thing is hilarious. It not only drives forward and back (with siren and lights) but it also has full functionality of the ladder (extend, rotate, up/down) AND a water pistol attached to the end of the ladder!

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  • Ben Rajan
    Ben Rajan

    This channel had such potential. Sadly they strayed away from the Toy Firetruck reviews.

  • Thomas

    imagine building a HUGE MEDIA COMPANY, then never be able to excape the shadow of a video made in like 15 minutes about a toy firetruck

  • Andrew Cislak
    Andrew Cislak

    This gem deserves a spot on the thumbnail wall in the office

  • ShortCircuit

    This guy usually doesn't unbox tech on this channel anymore

  • Travis

    I can’t wait to buy this from NCIX

  • Hike88

    I love how one of the biggest tech channel's most viewed videos is a literal toy firetruck review.

  • Evan A
    Evan A

    I'm just here doing my part in trying to bring this back to no.1 most popular.

  • Gameboi65

    I love how Linus’s personalities has barely changed over 10 years

  • AKmods

    Hey, pssst. Over here LMG staff. You should buy a firetruck and build a PC inside of it for Linus's birthday or other significant event

  • BlueJay

    So where do I plug this in at on my PC?

  • cardesinr

    We must keep the Firetruck in first place since it really erks Linus.

  • Tag Howard
    Tag Howard

    By far the best video I have ever seen on this channel, such realistic design; and the action is awesome!

  • Dr Carrot
    Dr Carrot

    “So we water cooled a fire truck and overclocked it”

  • Grzegorz Mikoś
    Grzegorz Mikoś

    This can NOT be overtaken. Please watch it on loop.

  • Joep de Boer
    Joep de Boer

    When you watch this video as a kid because you like firetrucks, then finding out years later that's it my favorite channel that made it........

  • Spike Gorman
    Spike Gorman

    The fact that this was their top video for so long makes me so happy.

  • Travis

    Hey Linus, I can’t seem to find this model anywhere on NCIX’s site. Do you have a tech tip to fix this issue?

  • Ivan Bragin
    Ivan Bragin

    I've been blessed by IRglo gods once again and this video appeared in my feed. Couldn't resist but watch it one more time. What a great video, one of the best on this channel. Wish Linus could make another one about some other model. Maybe a cool ambulance or a police car.

  • WizardAngst

    "Prices can change but the link will last"

  • Rhys Shaw
    Rhys Shaw

    This is a classic, it cant be dethroned :'( but its gunna happen soon..