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نظر: 13 602
  • KT Speedruns
    KT Speedruns

    Take a lesson from these guys: even though they have more experience than arguably 99.99% of builders, they still read the manual before assuming they know how to do it.

  • Agastya Kamalare
    Agastya Kamalare

    Linus: "And it has one important feature everyone needs,"

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm

    2019: "Wow,2 RTX 2080 Ti's that must've cost like $3000

  • Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Castro
    Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Castro

    If I try and save a lot of money, one day I can buy that screwdriver

  • Bethany Bloomfield
    Bethany Bloomfield

    "this much memory is completely unnecessary for gaming"

  • Sierra

    Alternative title: The whole Family saving pc

  • X-RayBuffet

    You should do an opposite build where you only use off/unbranded components.

  • UnConformity

    Anthony is just the epitome of being the Bob Ross of computer building/knowledge

  • Razvy

    "You don't need cooling when you have RGB" - Anthony 2020

  • Droggone

    This was probably the quietest and most calm LTT video.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo

    "So where do you want these RGB strips?"

  • Maximilian Willert
    Maximilian Willert


  • Nikolay Hristov
    Nikolay Hristov

    That thing with the 2 cables in 1 USB header is actually a tech tip .... FINALLYY

  • Iceberg Mays
    Iceberg Mays

    You guys are the most entertaining peeps on youtube for us Tech nerds. Love how you still dummy down what youre doing, and are not ashamed to use the manuals on screen. A lot of up and coming techs need to bookmark you guys videos. This reminds me of myself 20 years ago when i started being a tech.

  • Insertname

    Considering ROG’s Aura creator where you can customize

  • TheJaisah

    I built my first gaming PC a month or so ago and I was amazed at how all of the plugs come out perpendicular from the motherboard and then you have to bend the cables around to go behind the mobo. I was like "why dont the plugs come out the side of the motherboard or even out of the back so that its easier to plug everything in and it looks better". I'ts nice to see that ASUS had the same thought. Hopefully by the time I build my second PC in a few years, all plugs will come out of the side or back of the mobo (except some obvious ones like the CPU fan header etc).

  • Finest Avocado
    Finest Avocado

    Full ROG set unlocked!

  • Ethan Staples
    Ethan Staples

    I love watching these two build together

  • Frykauf La Kosta
    Frykauf La Kosta

    Is 64 GB of RAM too much? That depends. For gaming? Yes. For Chrome? Not enough. Never enough.

  • Chris Freeman
    Chris Freeman

    Linus: look how nice the game looks with 4K and the great colours