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  • Anurag Hazra
    Anurag Hazra

    I can't even afford running this PC for 1 day because of Electricity bills.

  • H C
    H C

    Imagine having to be worried about having space for two graphics cards

  • Kevin Spolarich
    Kevin Spolarich

    Linus: "Who installs like 7 hard drives in their systems anymore?"

  • Literally David It’s Me
    Literally David It’s Me

    My pc:

  • Kanye East
    Kanye East

    Me: saving for 20$ keyboard

  • David H
    David H

    Linus: Dual RtX 2080 Ti

  • Spledgey

    "Yes mom I need this for studying"

  • Derp_

    “Nvidia because it’s just competing with itself.” That aged really well.

  • AMV Empire
    AMV Empire


  • Festive Lad
    Festive Lad

    Imagine being Linus' son when Linus gets really old.

  • Kings Fortnite20
    Kings Fortnite20

    Linus in 2025: Wow! I can’t believe we thought 32gb of Optane was a lot. Now we have 2 terabytes.

  • ThatKidInVR


  • Plarnston

    I feel like my computer is my wife and i'm watching Brazilian runway models in front of her

  • Allen Digital
    Allen Digital

    I love how rough he is moving the case around. I wish I didn't care about my hardware like that... SMH

  • Tast

    well you got top 2% because of the ram, you could've increased the timings in the ram (more delay) and further overclocked the ram to maybe 5 ghz if your ram type is Samsung b-die, although your having higher latency your specifically looking for performance.

  • Guide Genius
    Guide Genius

    I think I have a great video idea: Demonstrating how using the best

  • gazorpalorp

    Linus is the Michael Scott of the Internet. Not really in his personality, but in his voice. Just listen to it.

  • Regenerative Technology
    Regenerative Technology

    I've been building PC's for 20 years and it's refreshing to see people having so much FUN while doing it.

  • Black Magic Film Studios
    Black Magic Film Studios

    1 Like for that fallen RGB strip

  • Alyssa Scott
    Alyssa Scott

    Done with finesse. Whoa! I'm speechless and ever sad I'll never see anything close to its making in my home. Linus got it all and I'm happy for him. Thanks you for all your videos.