Double or Triple Your Internet Speed - This Method Actually Works!
Linus Tech Tips
Do you want some of the creature comforts of a business internet line, but don't want to pay the ridiculous price most cable companies offer? There may be another way...
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  • DespicableRager

    Internet service providers will hate this new trick!

  • middleclassic

    I just discovered this channel a few hours ago and have since watched about 5 or 6 of your videos. And I have to say your vids are very good. For being tech oriented, you could easily talk over peoples heads and make no sense to anybody except for the geekiest of the geeky, but I never once felt that you came close to doing so. And it is very refreshing to hear someone who can talk tech and keep it interesting when the subject matter may be anything but enthralling. If I could I would give your videos 2 likes each for the ones I have watched. But this is the real world and one Like is all you gonna get. But when I go to bed tonight, if I happen to dream of your channel (Phew, now that would be really weird and kind of ... disturbing), I will be sure to Like your vids as much as the alternate reality allows. Good day to you and a good night too!

  • Racing&Beats

    he should of just said this was a subscription-based service that would cost as much as a car payment and I wouldn't have wasted my time lmao

  • alpha xion
    alpha xion

    If you're thinking about using a load balancer in bonded mode in the UK on ISPs such as BT with a couple of residential connections, you'll find after a while BT will notice and your lines will get rate limited. BT really doesn't like people bonding residential lines.

  • Daggar Flynn
    Daggar Flynn

    Similar to a piece of software we used to use to tie two or more analog connections together. It was called Midpoint Teamer. It divided the workload among the available connection based upon their active transfer rates. This could also be done with just about any multi-NIC box.

  • Z

    Very interesting concept. I know some friends that live with shit internet that will really appreciate this. Also for those of you that are commenting negatively about this video there are regions of the world even in the US that have internet companies that don't offer great speeds, and there are no alternative service providers in these areas. A great example is Texas I have many friends that suffer with these ISP restrictions and even though it will cost them more money per month it is a realistic alternative to having unstable internet in a region that offers no choice to upgrade.

  • Alan Wilton
    Alan Wilton

    My wifi runs slower than an asthmatic snail.

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G

    Linus, you'd be interested to know this is something similar to HP's RGS Velocity, which combines packets of pixels together over a remote connection.

  • Ron Sonntag
    Ron Sonntag

    Nicely done videos. You know your stuff and present it well. Many thanks.

  • Darin Morgan
    Darin Morgan

    I have been watching this channel non stop for three nights. I stopped building my own boxes ten years ago but you have fired me up! Technology races forward so fast and the information and technical expertise on this channel is absolutely fantastic! THANK YOU!

  • Jacob Briggs
    Jacob Briggs

    I can see the use cases, but I think you can achieve similar with simple bonding with a cheapish ubitquiti load balancing router. Works great for newsgroups, torrent and steam, but there is a downside which is that not anything will support bonding. Many legacy systems can't handle having two ips if they do some nasty ip based session management, but I only had to set a few routes and rarely notice. For the SCPs, if you really want the combined speeds you can simply use a different protocol for the transfer that supports bonding, but it might be smarter to just dedicate a line for that particular copy. There's a lot of benefits to doing that, as for example, my backups don't impact my Plex, etc.

  • Bogdan Lazar
    Bogdan Lazar

    Remember the old days when internet was so slow that a 3 MB song took about 40 minutes to download?

  • WalrusRider

    Who else is wondering what Linus is reaching for under his desk every couple of minutes?

  • CodingSloth

    The past 2-3 routers I've purchased (and my switches) all support bonding, so this isn't new to me, but this is the first time I've heard of an ISP having an aggregator option at their end to re-combine the data stream to the destination. That's awesome. If I didn't already have fiber, I'd be looking into this immediately...

  • Tuomas Levoniemi
    Tuomas Levoniemi

    Greetings from Finland. This was an interesting video. It will definitely help you with the slow line (If nothing else is available at all). If you want to get a fast internet, then better to do it yourself (FTTH = Fiber to the home). Here's a bit of speed measurement from speedtes (942/919Mbit/s and latency 1 ms). Construction cost € 1750 and monthly fees € 43

  • Jean Luk Volker
    Jean Luk Volker

    Having super internet speed, signal and range is one of my 100+ goals in life. I hate weak internet.

  • BowserN64

    Love your videos man. I'm always looking forward to what you have for me to see every day! Hey I was just curious, what video editing workload do you go through to get all this put together? Like what software do you use?

  • Ma Ha
    Ma Ha

    Actually, the packets are not split in half. The aggregation switch distributes Ethernet frames based on a hashing algorithm. This algorithm might take various parameters into account, depending on vendor and config. Some use only src/dst IP, others go deeper (and therefore balance better).

  • AintBigAintClever

    Double or triple your internet speed by buying two or three internet connections. Wow. Who'd have thought it?

  • Zach Prewitt
    Zach Prewitt

    Linus, I am curious if your ISP is offering DOCSIS 3.1 for your Broadband connections at all. Depending on the HFC fiber connections and how much SNR your CMTS is getting, you shouldn't have any issues with getting up to 1G/s speeds for a residential account.